Just published a new project! Go check it out here: http://justinpoulter.com/

I did a poster for the guys at Assembly! Some good music on this weekend. http://justinpoulter.com/

A massive thanks to the guys at Vans for hiring me to design all their Rocking the Daisies stuff! Check out the whole project on my website (http://justinpoulter.com) Here’s a photo of Heino Retief doing a slap bass solo. (Photo - Grant Payne)


New business cards! justinpoulter.com

few years back when i design an awards show in collaboration with Golden Wolf. Some hot shots turned up.

The Classic T-Shirt x Artist Collection | Where Art and Style Meet

Nice little feature from 10and5, thanks guys.

I did a custom  type logo for Kim Van Vuuren. Check her work out! 


I was asked by Superbalist to create an illustration to package and accompany a range of blank tee-shirts. The brief was completely open. With summer on its way here in Cape Town, for me animals and flowers was a relevant theme. 
To purchase one of these prints and packaged shirts go over to:



Number 11 in my Type Roll Call project. Check out the rest here : 


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